Athabaska Glacier, 1975

CG-Squared Productions (1996-2016)

Computer Graphics, Geology, end of an era...

Mortero Wash, 2003

Geo-philosopher and would-be poet

My name is Phil Farquharson. I called my company CG-Squared Productions, honoring my two main passions: Computer Graphics and Geology. I have been a geologist since 1965, and a computer "geek" since 1985. From 1987 until 2002, I honed my computer graphics skills, starting with CADAM and CATIA at Boeing, then working in software quality assurance (QA) at CADAM, WonderWare, and others until 2002.

I finished my master's thesis in geology at San Diego State University on 30 July 2004, after a mere 40 years (elapsed) of post-secondary education. I am now teaching geology and oceanography at Miramar college, on a limited basis.

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